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It’s been years since your last exterior home renovation and now you finally decided to give your home a fresh new look. At AALTO, we got you covered because we house the best architecture firms in Malaysia.

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Home Renewal

With th help of AALTO,
we'll find you a exterior designer who can give your home an,
exterior house renovation to renew your home to a brand new state. While you’re at it, here are some styles you can align your new home with:


The Zen way of life is reflected in this choice of design. It incorporates the use of natural elements, clutterless space and natural lighting. The Zen design also follows a minimalistic philosophy that seeks to find beauty in simplicity.

Mid Modern

Mid modern design is all about getting clean lines, natural curvs as well as using different materials and designers. Experience new dimensions of design that is interesting and appealing.


Contemporary desifn evolves with the era you live in, in that moment. This design is not fixed as it shows a mixture of differnt styles like traditional, modern, art and futuristic. With a focus to form and function, preference to neutral shades and an emphasis to have natural lighting, it's never wrong to be living in the moment.


Cottage design is about color, texture and comforting looks. It's achieved with the use of elegant lines, weathered finish and textured elements like baskets and natural-fiber rugs. This design is meant to give a sense of warmth and serenity.


Victorian design is opposite of modern design as it features oversized things, big furnitures and collections of small objects for display. The result is a warm, complex ad dramatic space mimicking how the kings and queens once lived.


Modern design focuses on an era that has gone by. With such focus, it uses earthier elements in designing such as wood tone in features and color pallete. Modern design has minimalistic and clean architecture at its core.


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