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More Than Meets The Eye

Enchant At First Sight

It’s been years since your last home improvement project ended. The last thing you did was have a new patio installed as part of your landscaping plans. Now, you’re looking to give a new lease of life to the exterior of your home

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A Home Renewed

Reap the entire value of getting your home exterior touched up - there’s more to it than just for aesthetics.
On top of adding street value from having an updated home, seize the opportunity to also improve energy efficiency by improving air flow and lighting,
and tighten up security and safety where needed. While you’re at it, here are some styles you can align your new home with:


The Zen way of life is reflected in this choice of design. Incorporating the use of natural materials and greenery, the Zen design also follows a minimalistic philosophy that seeks to find the beauty in simplicity.

Mid Modern

Functionality and clean lines in all its forms lie at the centre of this timeless design. Explore new dimensions of design by mixing different materials and creating interesting yet appealing contrasts.


The design of the moment and one that evolves with the era you live in. With a focus on form to equal that of function, a preference for neutral shades, and an emphasis of using natural light, you’ll never go wrong living in the moment.


Characterized by having a comfortable look with graceful lines and weathered finishes, this design is meant to give you a sense of warmth and stillness.


A design choice that spans over several eras, Victorian homes share common features that give its signature look. This includes stained glass, decorative woodwork, and steep, gabled roofs. A choice for those looking to live in a castle-esque home.


A design for a time gone by, the modern look focuses on earthier elements in both its features and colour palette. Like the contemporary look of today, the modern design keeps a minimalistic and clean architecture at its heart.


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